Romeo Miracoli

Romeo Miracoli founded the workshop that still bears his name in 1912 and since then it has seen five generations of the family: Romeo, Rinaldo, Roberto and Renato, the current proprietor, who now runs it with the aid of his son Riccardo (all of them have names beginning with R), highly skilled silversmiths active for over a century and exponents of a great Milanese tradition. 

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Renato started to learn the ‘craft’ with his father and grandfather. After studying in England and America, he took over the reins of the ‘tailor’s shop of silver’, as he likes to call it, in 1971, making the showroom on the first floor glitter with marvellous collections, amongst which stood out the Wildlife line devoted to animals. The workshop is on the floor below, a true hothouse of timeless art in which the craftsmen still work with the tools used in the old days.

In this celebrated Bottega Storica, which is also a Milanese Negozio Storico, or ‘historic shop’, the oldest in the city, traditional means of working are in fact still in use: on the tables and in the showcases dating from the early 20th century tea and coffee services, candlesticks, sauce boats, tureens, frames, trays and cutlery can be admired in all the styles. 

But the showpiece is the special and highly original range of animals made of silver and enamelled silver, made with extraordinary attention to detail, for which Renato Miracoli is well-known and greatly appreciated by lovers of nature and animals, including a prestigious international clientele. Miracoli creations have long been famous and sought after in the world and have found favour with some exclusive customers, from the British royal family to the biggest celebrities in the world of entertainment and of Italian, French, Russian and Chinese sport. The sculptures are true bravura pieces, modelled, engraved and embossed with great skill, that represent animals in highly realistic attitudes, often caught in the act of hunting: like the magnificent African predators, portrayed seizing their prey with astonishing dynamism. There is also a beautiful and poetic collection of silver and enamel cuff links on animal themes, making up a refined and fantastic bestiary with little heads of tortoises, foxes, dogs and birds of every breed, fish and hunting scenes.