Lorenzo D'Osvaldo

Able to draw on an experience stretching back for sixty years, proudly handed down from father to son for three generations, Lorenzo D’Osvaldo is the fortunate heir to a venerable tradition of pork butchery that finds its highest expression in the curing of prosciutto. 

Gastronomy and Wine Charcuterie

In 1976, the D’Osvaldo family, fascinated by the gently rolling hills of the Collio Goriziano, covered with vines and fruit trees, bought a fine 19th-century villa and turned it into a ham factory, where production commenced in 1982.

Among their objectives, the rediscovery of breeds of pig that for commercial reasons and motives of expediency have gone almost extinct and a careful selection of the meats of the Friuli region. Lorenzo D’Osvaldo models and puts the finishing touches to the local pork with the meticulous touch of a skilled sculptor, enhancing it with a light smoking that gives it a scent of cherry and laurel wood.

During the night, the cool air of the countryside, entering through the embrasures, envelops and refines the hams, giving them a unique taste. This intimate connection between humanity and nature, which implies a fragile and delicate balance, makes D’Osvaldo products appreciated and sought after all over the world. Over the years Lorenzo D’Osvaldo has demonstrated great ability in crossing the boundaries of the region, succeeding in making a name for himself on the international scene as well thanks to his very close ties with the land of his birth and a healthy and legitimate desire to make the most of its extraordinary variety of landscapes and flavours.