Daniele Mingardo

The Carpenteria Metallica Mingardo was founded by Ilario Mingardo in 1970 at Monselice (Padua): initially it did simple jobs for the building trade, but over time it began to take on increasingly complex projects, thanks to collaboration with architects and leading operators in the international panorama of design.

Metal Working

The company attained a high degree of expertise with the creation of ever more exclusive metal products, constructed and worked entirely by hand by a well-established team of specialized artisans. The distinctive traits are an almost manic attention to finishes and details and a profound know-how with regard to materials. It can boast of some important collaborations, from the ones with Carlo Scarpa to the recent commissions for the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the Parco della Musica in Florence and the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari.

Daniele Mingardo, born in 1988, has worked in the company since he was eighteen. In 2013, at the age of just twenty-five and driven by the passion for the job imbibed from his father and a desire to renew the family tradition, he founded Mingardo Designer Faber, a brand that produces limited runs of designer objects made of metal, sometimes in combination with other materials.

Attention to detail and impeccable service are the strongpoints of a relationship with designers in which the technical and human factors cannot be separated. The resulting objects are of the highest workmanship. In just a few years it has produced two collections created by people of different generations and the design has become iconic, the lines elegant and refined, the communication of the brand and its characteristics increasingly effective and well-defined.

Mingardo is always open to collaboration with architects and designers, interested in experimenting, to his own or others’ design, with the potentialities of the materials he loves, metals, which he understands and handles with complete mastery and great creativity.