Carla Tomasi

Born in Rome in 1958, Carla Tomasi took the diploma of a restorer in 1981 and went on to specialize in the conservation of stone at the Istituto Superiore per la Conservazione e il Restauro in the capital. 

Restauration and Conservation

In 1988 she took part in the restoration of the Arch of Constantine, one of the most important vestiges of ancient Rome. In 1990 she founded the restoration company that bears her name, specializing in the conservation of stone, the decorated surfaces of buildings, frescoes, wall paintings in tempera and oil, stuccoes and gilded surfaces, mosaics, painted wooden artefacts, paintings on canvas and wood and archaeological finds.

Among its more important projects, it is worth mentioning the work of preparation for planning, sampling, mapping and surveying at Santa Maria in Gradi (Viterbo) on behalf of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Architettonici e per il Paesaggio of Lazio; the reconnaissance, restoration and conservation of the archaeological site of the monastery of Abba Nefer the Hermit at Manqabad (Asyut) in Egypt; interventions of investigation, planning and restoration of the wall paintings in the church of the Beata Antonia in L’Aquila.

She has published numerous articles and books and participated in national and international conferences, documentaries and presentations on questions of restoration and the professional figure of the restorer. In her capacity as former president of the Associazione Restauratori d’Italia (A.R.I.), she has contributed to the restoration magazine Kermes (Nardini Editore). She is currently president of the Federazione Industrie Prodotti Impianti Servizi ed Opere Specialistiche per le Costruzioni (F.IN.CO.). She is also the vice-president and a founding partner of Restauratori Senza Frontiere, an Italian association that since 2013 has been promoting initiatives at home and abroad aimed at the protection and conservation of the world’s artistic heritage.

She has always combined her practical activities with those of teaching and consultancy, taking part in symposia and round tables and in programmes of vocational training.