Davide Longoni

Davide Longoni, born in Brianza in 1973, is the proprietor of the bakery of the same name which has made his mastery of flour and yeast famous in Milan. In fact there are two of them, both of which have become meccas for a devoted clientele, converted to the delights of sourdough and ancient grains.

Gastronomy and Wine Baking

Longoni, like many celebrated exponents of this world, was born into the trade, coming from a family of bakers. Unexpectedly, however, he seemed to prefer to go down other roads: first taking a degree in history and then working in a photo agency. Yet he never forgot that the blood of generations of bakers flowed in his veins, and at the age of thirty went back to making bread, but with a more fully developed awareness from both the technical-organoleptic and the commercial viewpoint. Longoni’s exuberant conception resulted in a robust and vigorous loaf of large size, but one that also reflected the skilful delicacy of handling and technique in its making. 

It marked a return to the origins in the flavours and aromas of bread, fostering, in part thanks to his considerable gifts for communication, the revival of a foodstuff that in the recent past was belittled and seen as banal. In 2019 he joined the élite of the finest bakers in Italy, receiving a whole series of titles and international awards. Today Davide Longoni is considered an institution in the world of bread, a prophet of organic and stoneground flour, and is a source of inspiration for many young people dreaming of a future career as bakers.