Nicola Moretti

Nicola Moretti was born in Venice in 1964, the descendant of a long line of glass artists on Murano. In fact the name Moretti first appeared on the glass scene with Vincenzo Moretti (1835-1901), hired as a composition technician by Antonio Salviati of the Compagnia Venezia-Murano and a specialist in the production of so-called ‘millefiori’ or ‘murrine’ glass.

Glass / Crystal

 An heir to that tradition, Nicola began his professional career in 1982, training under his father Francesco and the master glassmaker Salvatore Zanella. In 2013, after five generations, the brothers Alberto and Nicola founded the company Nicola Moretti Murano on the island, carrying on the tradition of glassworking with the same skill and passion as their forebears, and focusing in particular on the production of murrine glass and the technique of glass fusing.

The combination of a mastery of traditional techniques and a desire to introduce innovations into the aesthetics and style of Murano glass make Nicola Moretti an enterprise that attracts designers and artists from all over the world with its versatility and expertise, leading them to establish lasting relationships.

The production ranges from custom-made works to handcrafted objects for use in interior design, characterized by original formal solutions with a vast array of stylistic variations.

In the showroom on the island of Murano visitors can admire dishes, drinking glasses, frames, plaques, medals and items of furnishing made using the glass-fusing technique.

Since 2004 Nicola Moretti has taught youngsters and adults at Italian schools (in particular the Scuola del Vetro Abate Zanetti), Japanese companies, the University of Dubai and Boston University. His works have been shown in dozens of solo and joint exhibitions held in Italy, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, America and Poland. Some of his pieces are on permanent display at the Museo Vetrario on Murano.

Over the years he has collaborated with important glassworks like Carlo Moretti, De Majo, Foscarini, La Murrina, Leucos, Nason Moretti, Simone Cenedese and Venini.