Bernardo Temperoni

Bernardo Temperoni is an Umbrian master craftsman with over 40 years of experience in working with ceramics.

The skill and expertise developed over a lifetime of work have made him one of the most highly regarded potters in Deruta, a small town in the province of Perugia known for its historical production of majolica, an industry that is still thriving today.


In 1973, after serving an apprenticeship in a workshop as tradition required, he set up a pottery of his own, while collaborating in parallel with other workshops and companies operating in the sector and making pieces to commission from private individuals.

He had the opportunity to embark on a long and fruitful collaboration with the well-known and highly respected company Ceramiche Rometti, for which he made all the pieces. After 20 years of partnership and the winding up of his own business, he decided to go on working with the same brand, but this time as an employee. His job at Rometti today is to throw the prototypes and samples and to exercise quality control over its output of pottery and the finishing of the products.

Ceramiche Rometti has also assigned him the post of Senior Teacher for the Premio Rometti, a role that he has held since 2013. In fact the prestigious competition offers in-house training to the young finalists: Temperoni instructs the aspiring potters on every phase in the production of a ceramic work, from the design to the kneading of the clay and the solution of any technical difficulties that the material may pose. His duties extend to teaching activities for the training programmes that the company operates in conjunction with schools and academies. In 2009 he won second prize in the competition entitled ‘L’arte del tornio’ staged as part of the event ‘Deruta magia di un’arte’ devoted to ceramics.