Simone Cenedese

From its earliest days the glassworks run by Simone Cenedese, founded on Murano by his father Giovanni in the 1970s, established a reputation as one of the finest on the island. Over the years Simone has developed a style of his own with contemporary allusions, creating works of the highest aesthetic value: from lighting to decorative objects, his work overflows with new ideas.

Glass / Crystal

For the technical quality and beauty of his compositions, Simone Cenedese has become, as a master glassworker, a point of reference for designers from many countries, who entrust their ideas to his talent and creative flair. At the same time, the company has attracted notice for its production of works on a large scale, in magically innovative colours and forms, which can be seen in prestigious public spaces, both outdoors and indoors, and in trendy concept stores. Today Cenedese is a name appreciated the world over for its original interpretation of a great tradition. 

Simone Cenedese’s work has been shown in numerous joint and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad, receiving important awards. His collections have gone right around the world and in 2009 were put on display at the Koru Contemporary Art Gallery in Hong Kong. In 2012-13 Cenedese took part in the major exhibition Vetro Murrino, da Altino a Murano staged under the auspices of the prestigious Venetian project Le Stanze del Vetro, which focuses on the production of glass from its origins to the present day.

In the same years he participated in the exhibition The Beautiful World of Mosaic at the Hakone Glass Forest Museum in Japan.

‘I only create my works here on Murano, with the company founded by my father Giovanni in seventies, and for this reason they bear the trademark ‘Vetro Artistico Murano’. This mark means a great deal to me. It represents the history of an island that is unique in the world, where glass, as if by magic, has grown into a pure art,’ he says with pride.

Recently, in September 2019, the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti decided to give Simone Cenedese its coveted ‘Glass in Venice’ prize, the eighth time it has been awarded.