Wilda Scanu

Sardinia’s craftswomen are famous for their great skill and their truly unique ability in using a now rare technique to reproduce age-old decorative motifs in textiles such as tapestries, carpets, saddlebags and cushions. Wilda Scanu and the Su Trobasciu craft cooperative (established 1978), is a stylish and contemporary exponent of that skill, proudly bringing the tradition into the twenty-first century.

This can be seen in her illustrious partnerships with world famous designers, such as Patricia Urquiola—the great Spanish designer, long an admirer of weaving and knitting techniques, who commissioned some of her finest carpets from Scanu and her team of weavers, having found that the Mogoro craftswomen possess the care and precision needed to interpret her style.

Su Trobasciu (meaning “the loom” in Sardinian) is a women's cooperative, which continues the matrilineal tradition of the art of weaving. Traditionally, the women of Mogoro wove the items in a bride’s trousseau, practical objects such as tablecloths and blankets, but also decorative pieces such as tapestries—it was precisely in tapestry work that women could give full expression to their creativity.

Su Trobasciu has exhibited its crafts at leading international fairs and works with numerous designers. It has injected new life into the tradition of the handloom, which enable countless weaves and techniques to be performed. The seven weavers only use natural materials, such as Sardinian wool, cotton, linen and silk, enriched with gold and silver thread to create precious tapestries with typical motifs and patterns.

Their technical skill and sophistication, along with the careful study of tradition and expert blending of yarns, motifs, ideas and inspirations have produced creations of inestimable value.


  • 1983
    Premio «Oristano che lavora».
  • 2012
    Premio Impresa Donna.
  • 2014
    Google Made in Italy Award for Digital Excellence.