Romeo Angelo Ferraris

Born in Milan in 1937, Romeo Angelo Ferraris began his career in 1959 working on Giancarlo Baghetti’s Lancia racecar. Today he can boast 69 championship titles and over a thousand race victories to his name.

Fine Mechanics / Shipbuilding

In 1965 he opened his own workshop, Romeo Ferraris Srl, in Opera (Milan), featuring highly innovative facilities and a showroom. Its advanced technical equipment and specially-trained staff that few in Europe can equal, give Romeo Ferraris workshop the know-how necessary to develop winning racecars and the capacity and taste needed to design and produce a vast range of products, including custom-made aerodynamic components, special paint finishes, exclusive interiors and solutions to improve the performance of mass production cars, whatever their make or model.

With over fifty years of experience and the skill and expertise of its founder and specialised staff, the workshop is also able to restore classic cars of any make, model and generation.

The talent, creativity and enthusiasm of Ferraris can be seen not only in car mechanics but also in his passion for the art of signature timepieces. The Romeo Ferraris Milano stopwatch is a one of its kind, exquisitely crafted in all its details.

Awards and Honours

  • 1988
    Ambrogino d’oro Award from the City of Milan.
  • 1988, 1989 e 1991
    Sam Griffith Trophy for offshore motor boating.