Nicoletta Caraceni

Born in Milan in 1959, Nicoletta Caraceni’s story is tied to the tailoring tradition of Abruzzo through her father Ferdinando, an internationally famous tailor, who founded the Ferdinando Caraceni tailor’s shop in 1967.

Tailoring / Fashion and Accessories

His legacy and know-how were passed on to Nicoletta, along with his passion for his work. For over twenty years, Caraceni worked with her father, learning the art of tailoring to perfection. Since the death of the master tailor in 2004, the shop continues to craft prestigious and exclusive garments in the best tailoring tradition. Caraceni’s attention to detail is seen in the use of old five-kilo irons for pressing, the perfection of collars, lapels and pockets, and the custom-made comfort of trouser legs.

From the design of a garment to its production, the atelier uses the same techniques and the same prized fabrics that Caraceni’s father selected in the 1940s and 1950s—English weaves, Scottish cashmere and Irish linen. Garments are sewn entirely by hand, without the use of sewing machines. Caraceni directly manages relations with the shop’s international clientele and, having learned all of her father’s secret “tricks of the trade”, assures the absolute quality of all the shop’s creations, jealously guarding a tailoring tradition of world excellence.

She herself oversees all stages of production and indulgingly takes care of customers, often anticipating their tastes and needs.

Honours and Teaching Appointments

  • 2004
    Forbici d’oro dell’Unione sarti.
  • 2013
    Training courses at IED Milano in couture tailoring.
  • 2015
    Premio Talent du Luxe et de la Création di Parigi for the category «Entreprise Métiers d’Art».