Ugo Cremonesi

Ugo Cremonesi was born in Soncino, province of Cremona (Italy) in 1967. A music enthusiast from a young age, he began his career as a pianist and piano teacher.

Musical instruments

In 1990 he started work for a historic firm specialised in the restoration and construction of pipe organs, tasked with the tuning and restoration of pipes. Studying the history of the organ he acquired in-depth knowledge of the parts and mechanisms of the instrument and production techniques.

It was in those years that he met Claudio D’Arpino, who in 1997 became his business partner when he opened Bottega Organaria. The restoration atelier fully respects the dictates of the heritage superintendencies that regularly use him for restoration services. Cremonesi works primarily in the restoration of historic instruments, which require a precise study of the original makers. Each restoration is a unique work, each stage of which is certified.

In recent years he has worked increasingly with the Roman Catholic Curias in Lombardy and the Lombardy Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Landscape. Instruments restored by the Bottega Organaria can be seen regularly in organ concerts, played by famous musicians, while some of its most significant works have become the subject of scientific publications.

Music played on instruments restored by the atelier has been recorded on CD by leading organ players.


  • 2008
    Soncinese of the Year Award 2008, awarded by the City of Soncino for professional merit.