Francesco Aiazzi

Francesco Aiazzi’s upbringing and education revolved around the world of crafts. Born in Colle Val d’Elsa (Siena) in 1971, at the age of 10 he began learning the art of glassmaking from his father Carlo, a highly regarded master glassmaker. Then at age 15 he began an apprenticeship with the Florentine sculptor Aldo Ciolli, a world-renowned artist.

While learning to craft pottery, Aiazzi continued to pursue his passion for glassmaking. Under the guidance of master glassmakers such as Bormioli and Signoretto, he acquired the skills needed to perform each and every stage of the glassmaking process. From there he became a freelancer working for various glassmakers, while at the same time collaborating with the University of Pisa, the Italian Cultural Institute in Grenoble, France, the Piegardo Glass Museum (Perugia), the Altare Museum (Savona) and the Art Institute of Pisa. In 1991, together with his sister Marta, he opened CCA–Cristalleria Ceramica Artigiana.

Located in Colle Val d’Elsa, the atelier crafts pieces strictly in the artistic traditions associated with glass, crystal and pottery. Glass pieces are made using both spinning and pressed mould techniques, or by blowing for more artistic pieces, producing true sculptures of great wonder.

Teaching Appointments

  • 2013
    Course at the IVV, San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo, Italy).
  • 2013/2015
    Teacher, F. Russoli Art Institute, Pisa.