Emilio Brazzolotto

Fabscarte is a Milanese atelier specialising in hand-painted wallpaper. Established in the early 1990s, the workshop was founded on the twenty-year-long experience of painter Emilio Brazzolotto, beginning with the decoration of interiors to later specialise exclusively in wallpaper.

Brazzolotto works with three other partners. Their ongoing experimentation with new techniques and materials has led the brand to become a symbol of excellence in Milanese craftsmanship. The Fabscarte team takes inspiration from nature and art to create handcrafted masterpieces, prized works that blend materials, textures and colours in new and original ways, breaking new ground in interior design. Every step in the creation of their precious wallpaper is cultivated by hand, from the preparation of the paper backing to decoration by painting. The unique designs are fashioned on a custom-made basis, producing true works of art to personalise any room or space.

The studio has worked on numerous international projects and with renowned partners.


  • 2016
    Featured in the exhibition “Doppia Firma. Dialoghi tra pensiero progettuale e alto artigianato” (Double Signature), Milan Salone del Mobile.