Vanessa Cavallaro

Vanessa Cavallaro was born in Savona in 1971. At the age of 10 she began her apprenticeship in the family atelier, learning from her father the basics of the art of engraving by lathe.

Glass / Crystal

She studied art at secondary school and then enrolled at the European Institute of Design–IED in Turin, graduating in graphic design in 1992. Her masterly skill in engraving is underpinned by her in-depth theoretical knowledge of glassmaking techniques and continued experience in engraving.

In 1993 she opened her own studio. One of her first commissions, for the Lions Clubs of Liguria, was the “Nuvola” collection of 93 hand-engraved and numbered vases. With the help of skilled workers, she launched her own production series and began working with major international fashion labels. In 1997 she was invited to exhibit the atelier’s crafts at the International Home Show in Milan, bearing witness to the high level of skill achieved. In that same period she began what became successful, long-term partnerships with glassmakers in Tuscany and Murano and well-known fashion and homeware labels, such as Christian Dior, for which creates dinner settings.

Her calibre as an international artist was acknowledged in 2000 when she was invited to exhibit at the 11th Decor and Garden Show in Monaco.

Cavallaro has been featured in newspapers and industry publications, with interviews and photos of her works published in leading magazines such as AD, Marie Claire Maison, and Gente Casa.


  • 2014
    Member of the Guild of Glass Engravers.