Raffaele Calace

Raffaele Calace was born in 1948 in Naples, the great-grandson of Nicola Calace, the founder of a legendary dynasty of luthiers who since 1825 have crafted the world’s most famous and prized mandolins.

Musical instruments

Calace’s grandfather, also named Raffaele, composed more than 180 pieces for the string instrument—known worldwide as “the Paganini of the mandolin”, he perfected the instrument, creating the mandolin that we know today. Over its history the Calace family has won numerous awards and honours, including 69 honorary diplomas and 20 gold medals. Raffaele Calace today continues this tradition of unparalleled excellence.

Calace (junior) joined his father in the atelier at the age of 14, patiently learning all the secrets and traditions of his family's art.

His instruments have long been unanimously recognised as the best in the world by leading concert musicians. He supplies all the orchestras in Italy and Europe and a large number of his mandolins are exported to Japan and South Korea. In his 34-year career, Calace has received over twenty awards and he calculates that some 3600 websites mention Calace mandolins.

Premi e riconoscimenti

  • 1969
    Silver Medal at the Crafts Exhibition of Capri (Palazzo Cerio).
  • 1990
    First prize and Gold Medal awarded by the City of Naples, Premio Minerva competition.
  • 1997
    SIAE Gold Medal to the Calace Publishing House for its work in spreading the mandolin music composed by Raffaele Calace (senior).
  • 1999
    “Economic Progress” diploma and medal awarded by the President of the Italian Republic to craftspeople who have distinguished themselves in their art.
    Liuteria Calace exhibition at the Civic Museum of Potenza, featuring historical documents and instruments and modern exemplars.
  • 2003
    Premio Ecellenze Campane, awarded by Campania Region.
  • Dal 2010 al 2016
    Showcase awarded in the central hall of the Naples Chamber of Commerce, assigned to Neapolitan craftspeople of excellence (still on show, free of charge, today).
  • 2015
    Plate awarded by the Lutheran Church for commitment to the art of the mandolin.