Gabriele Levaggi

Gabriele Levaggi was born in Genoa in 1978 to a family of highly skilled joiners, who had been crafting authentic Chiavari chairs since 1963.

Wood and Furniture

After completing his schooling, in 1999 he joined the family business, where he learnt the art of preparing and drying wood, the properties of different timbers, how to use the main hand tools for woodworking and boring tools to create the housing for the joints of the chairs.

Thus he acquired and then built on the specific know-how of the local and family traditions, whereby local wood is selected and dried naturally and then crafted entirely by hand. The result is a product of style and elegance that is crafted with great skill and care, following a process that is over two centuries old, continued using traditional methods and materials. One aspect of Levaggi’s work is his continuing experimentation with the formal elements of tradition, while also looking to innovation and new possibilities in shapes and models.

Levaggi’s creations are now famous, featuring regularly in interior design guides and magazine, and are much sought-after in Italy and around the world.


  • 2015
    Premio Maestro Artigiano awarded by Artigiani in Liguria.