Natale Gandola

Natale Gandola (1942 - 2019) was born in Bellagio (Como, Italy) in 1942, Natale Gandola began his career early, working on the family farm. Later, in September 1966, at 24 years of age, he was hired at the Villa Melzi d’Eril in Bellagio, owned by the Gallarati Scotti family, where he was responsible not only for the gardens but also for the management of the gardening staff and the keeping and maintenance of the entire villa.

Floriculture and Garden

The villa’s gardens extend along the banks of the lake, blending harmoniously into the hillside landscape of the Bellagio peninsula, which divides the two southern branches of Lake Como. The marvellous English landscape gardens, dotted with sculptures, were designed by the architect Luigi Canonica and the botanist Luigi Villoresi, both of whom were also responsible for the landscaping of the royal gardens of the Villa Reale in Monza.

Gandola has dedicated a lifetime of work to the expert, loving care of the gardens. Still today, although having reached retirement age, he continues to be in charge of the villa’s gardens and the complex enterprise involved in its maintenance.

A touchstone of reference for the Gallarati Scotti family, his efforts have helped make the villa one of the most loved and popular attractions for tourists from all around the world, in particular botany and garden enthusiasts.


  • 1991
    Premio Mughetto d’Oro, awarded by the Società Ortofloricola Comense.