Michele Sabino

Michele Sabino, born in Naples in 1969, from a very young age showed great passion for the tailoring world.

Tailoring / Fashion and Accessories

After his studies, in 1988 he decided to follow in his father Pasquale’s footsteps and learn this ancient trade. After an experience in the family tailoring workshop, his travels and constant desire to learn and refine his skills allowed him to achieve great success from the very beginning, thanks to his rich and distinctive style. His clients belong to a wide range of categories and nationalities, thus constantly bringing him in contact with cultures, styles and trends very different from the Italian ones, with which he can contrast and compare himself. “A non-eccentric style, revealing special refinement in the details”: this is the concept he advocates for during his worldwide travels, perfectly embodied by his iconic creations. During his frequent trunk shows, Michele meets with his clients inside the world’s most exclusive hotel suites: he strives to listen and understand their needs, in order to later advise them on the best fabric and design. 

In 1999, with his children Alessandra and Michele, Pasquale Sabino flew to New York, where in 2002 he founded Sartoria Sabino USA Inc., giving even internationally acclaimed celebrities the chance to wear unique clothes, custom-designed and made to measure for them, and making them literally fall in love with made-in-Naples creations. In the same year, the family opened a new atelier in Casalnuovo di Napoli, where they carry on their time-honored sartorial tradition while always keeping up with the trends and taste of contemporary times.