Mariella Organi

In “Sleepless Nights”, Hermann Hesse stated: “Only those who need a gentle touch can touch gently”. 

Gastronomy and Wine Restaurant Management

Well, if Hesse could have lived out those nights in Marzocca, near Senigallia, looking at the seaside promenade's dim lights from one of the tables of the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Madonnina del Pescatore, maybe he would have experienced that firm gentleness which the lady of Italian hospitality, Mariella Organi, allows her guests to experience. Her precise gestures underscore the whole gastronomic experience, represented by the powerful, explosively elegant cuisine of her husband Matteo Cedroni, who she met when they were both working as waiters. Her passion for this art and its preservation and the sweet urgency which called and demanded for her to revive this trade create the symphony of hospitality she conducts every night. Inside her Madonnina, Mariella Organi becomes a patron of that art of hospitality.

As the authentic pioneer of hospitality culture she is, she shaped and trained many prestigious personalities who later rose to fame in the international restaurant scene. The gastronomic world acknowledged her role, but above all her professional charisma, awarding her a plethora of prizes and recognitions, such as Best Woman in Hospitality for Identità Golose, Best Service for Gambero Rosso, Best Maître for Guide dell'Espresso. A sequence of excellence today crowned with the Master of Arts and Crafts accolade in Hospitality.