Andrea Soban

The peaks surrounding Val di Cadore and Val di Zoldo seem to embrace these valleys, treasure chests rich with stunning landscapes but also with the culture, tradition and history of one of the world's most famous preparations: ice cream. 

Gastronomy and Wine Ice Cream

First and foremost, the abundance of milk and cream from the many surrounding pastures, plus locally cultivated raw ingredients such as fruit, made it so that the families living in this area of the Dolomites became the keepers of the knowledge and techniques behind the art of ice cream making. Among them is the Soban family, with their newly appointed Master of Arts and Crafts Andrea Soban, nationally recognized today as one of the most authoritative in the world of this sweet and creamy delight. From the Dolomites, the family moved their headquarters in the tiny town of Valenza, in Piedmont, an equally gluttonous location, where the Sobans acquired their historical Gelateria, elevating it into the galaxy of gastronomic guides all the way to gaining the prestigious Three Cones awarded by the Gambero Rosso guide, alongside countless other recognitions.

Andrea Soban took over the long standing Val di Zoldo tradition after his parents taught him everything they knew, and after 25 years of experience, he was able to build an authentic culture around quality ice cream, becoming one of the most renowned and acclaimed interpreters of this Italian tradition and contributing to the foundation of the illustrious Compagnia Gelatieri (Ice Cream Makers Society).