Salvatore Papotto

Salvatore Papotto, born in 1948 in Biancavilla, a town at the feet of the Etna volcano, has fifty years of experience in his trade.

Tailoring / Fashion and Accessories

When he was 6 years old, he started learning the basics of sartorial art inside a tailoring workshop, later perfecting his knowledge in Milan, in the Sixties, where he refined his skills and further delved into the techniques working at Minauro. Once back in Sicily, in 1965, he started working with Paolo Lo Re, worldwide famous tailor from Catania, making a name for himself thanks to his creativity and craftsmanship, his unique style and great manual skills. After this long training, the Master decided to stay in his homeland, Sicily, where he opened Sartoria Papotto, on December 7th 1970. It was an instantly successful endeavour: from the very beginning, he became renowned for his sartorial mastery, great inspiration, resourcefulness and strong motivation – all aspects which made his tailoring workshop acclaimed and appreciated by the finest and most demanding clientèle, even at an international level.

In the years following the inauguration, the Master started travelling to make Sartoria Papotto known throughout Italy; some of his countless achievements are worth mentioning, such as the participation in Sanremo’s Festival della Moda Maschile (Menswear Festival), the first place won in the contest “Tecnica del taglio Guido De Rosso” (Guido De Rosso's cutting technique), the participation in the World Congress of master tailors in Barcelona and, finally, becoming a member of the very prestigious Accademia Nazionale dei Sartori (National Academy of Tailors). Master Papotto still creates his garments by hand, with the same distinctive mastery and passion which made him the enthusiastic ambassador of beauty and well made he is today.