Agostino Perrone

Who knows if nearly 20 years ago, from the tiny Bar Broletto, in downtown Como, one could have caught a glimpse of the talent of a young Agostino Perrone, today leading ambassador for the world of international mixology and working in the temple of mixed drinks: The Connaught Bar, in London.

Gastronomy and Wine Bartending

Born in Maslianico, not far from the jet-setting promenades of Cernobbio, Perrone first approached the world of cocktails in a shy, yet curious way, as is his nature. At first, it was just a side hustle to pay for his beloved photography classes, nothing too binding, if it weren’t for the alchemy between spirits, jiggers and shakers that ended up mesmerizing this talented young man. From Lake Como to the cutting edge bars of London: he first worked at Dusk in Battersea, then at Montgomery Place in the quaint Notting Hill area, and finally he took on the ambitious challenge of managing the Connaught Bar, located inside the eponymous 5-star hotel in the exclusive Mayfair district. The Connaught Bar and Agostino's team success was sealed by tens of awards and, later, by the consecration at the top of The World's 50 Best Bars, which from 2020 places the Connaught Bar on the highest throne.

Perrone's cocktails, such as the legendary Connaught Martini and his iconic re-interpretation of No.11, contributed to the fame of this bar, standing out for their impeccable elegance and creative mixology, yet always abiding by the classic rules of the great masters. First, spirits meet ice in a freezing cold embrace, followed by essences, garnish, a twist, and then come the stories, encounters and emotions, and finally, the ceremonial service, almost a sacred moment, all part of the Experience created by this newly appointed Master of Arts and Crafts: “Straight up with style, and don't forget the smile!”.