Guido Gobino

A Master of Arts and Crafts is someone who holds craftsmanship knowledge and is able to combine his know-how with current issues only seemingly disconnected from their art. 

Gastronomy and Wine Chocolate

In Guido Gobino’s case, newly appointed Master of Arts and Crafts in the field of chocolate and dragees, we are talking about an inspired interpreter of the world of confectionery whose talent influences two continents: Europe and South America. Ranked among the highest figures in Piedmont’s chocolate-making tradition, Guido Gobino, son of Giuseppe Gobino, also a master chocolatier, was born in a place famous for its high rate of deliciousness in the field of international gourmet food and wine: the Langhe region, near Turin. From his father, Guido learned many chocolate processing techniques, while from his home land he inherited the distinctive flavour of Piedmont’s confectionery tradition: hazelnut. Between roasting, conching and tempering, the world of chocolate becomes this Master’s artisanal and geographical dimension.

From the Langhe to South America, Guido Gobino’s refined chocolate embraces the great origins of cocoa: from Venezuela to Mexico, from Ecuador to Colombia, home to some of the best cocoa varieties in the world, he travelled all the way to Madagascar, Tanzania and Indonesia searching for unique aromatic qualities, thus establishing collaborations aimed at achieving excellence in sourcing ingredients, but above all promoting sustainability, both from a social and environmental point of view: the company always strives to support local producers, not limited to the cocoa field, favouring a short supply chain based on proximity and giving special attention to the environment, implementing thorough energetic monitoring and issuing an annual report on its impact. An innovative and inquisitive attitude is Gobino's distinctive feature, embodying a chocolate-making philosophy where refined techniques and the use of the best cocoa beans come together to create the tiles of the sweet mosaic representing Turin's worldwide famous great chocolate culture: from gianduiotti, cremini and dragees, not to mention their signature Tourinot, a treasure of captivating sweetness.