Giovanni Guffanti Fiori

Coming from a family specialized in cheese “breeding” for generations, Giovanni Guffanti Fiori is the fifth generation heir to the heritage of expertise founded by great-great-grandfather Luigi Guffanti. 

Gastronomy and Wine Cheese

 Thanks to a genius intuition, in 1876, Luigi founded this temple of dairy, taking over an old abandoned silver mine in Valganna, where he began curing the first Gorgozola. With the help of his sons Carlo and Mario, Guffanti cheeses began following along the emigrants leaving Lombardy and Piedmont. That meant creating new products for new markets, thus other “farmed” cheeses joined the production alongside their popular Gorgonzola, such as alpine raw-milk Tome cheese, raw-milk goat cheese and hard cheese, which gradually conquered European and extra-European markets. Selectors and “breeders”, today Giovanni and his brother Davide, alongside their father Carlo, bring their cheese philosophy to life in an underground cellar in Arona: here, the natural cellar is a second terroir, while the “breeding” process is a way of reinventing and revolutionizing cheese. 

Behind their great products is a deep knowledge of dairy farmers, animals and the unspoiled environment, but also the familiarity with the area's micro-climate and bacterial flora and those natural transformations which only a true breeder can master. Carlo Guffanti Fiori and his sons Giovanni and Davide manage every aspect of the business as well as the delicate process of research and selection. Over the years, the company became a reference point for consumers who wish to discover the distinctive territorial uniqueness of the world of craft cheese coming from an ever-wider horizon, nowadays encompassing Italy, parts of Europe and several international realities.