Barnaba Fornasetti

Artistic Director Fornasetti

Barnaba Fornasetti is Art Director for Fornasetti, an Italian atelier specialized in design and decorative arts. With the same pioneering and unconventional mindset that belongs to his character, he leads this historic brand, nowadays worldwide known for its high craftsmanship creations, between art and design. Son of Piero, Fornasetti's founder, he carries on his father's legacy by constantly renewing the atelier’s extraordinary visual language, expanding its geographical horizons, introducing new product lines and ever-new creative collaborations. Under his artistic direction, Fornasetti is now ranked among the leading cultural and creative companies. Over time, Barnaba cultivated the dream of applying the medium of decoration to other disciplines, crossing the boundaries of design. Curating exhibitions and installations for Fornasetti, he brought the creations of this historic atelier inside the world's finest museums and theatres.

Enterprise based on the Métiers d’Art

An award to businesses employing artisans and that promotes internal or external arts and crafts training programmes.