Elia Bonacina

President and CEO Bonacina 1889

Elia Bonacina, born in 1991, is President and CEO of the family-run business Bonacina 1889, specialized in rattan and wicker products. An emblem of Italian excellence since its foundation, Bonacina defined its own unique and timeless style: a combination of openness towards creativity and art, attention to detail and excellent workmanship. Today in its fourth generation, the company carries on its journey under the guidance of Elia Bonacina, investing in new projects and collaborations, reinventing products all the while maintaining the brand’s authenticity and heritage. The entire history of the seven Bonacina generations is displayed inside the Bonacina Museum, a project strongly desired by Elia. Since the beginning of 2022, he is also Senior Advisor for Smart Capital, an investment fund based in Brianza, specializing in small to medium-sized businesses, particularly family-run companies. Its mission is to preserve and maintain all Italian-owned businesses located on national grounds, thus protecting the Made-in-Italy trade. 

Enterprise based on the Métiers d’Art

An award to businesses employing artisans and that promotes internal or external arts and crafts training programmes.