Valter Luca De Bartolomeis

Architect and designer

Architect and designer, he is the principal of Naples’ Public Art School, as well as director of Istituto ad indirizzo raro Caselli, Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte (Royal Factory of Capodimonte) and MUDI, Museo didattico della ceramica e porcellana (Educational museum of Ceramics and Porcelain), which he also founded. He wrote several books and essays about design and communication for the promotion of cultural and territorial heritage, and won many awards in international competitions. Professor of Product Design and Naples’ Fine Art Academy, he also collaborates with museums, art galleries and international artists and designers, such as Patricia Urquiola and Santiago Calatrava. He participated in the planning and scientific coordination of workshops, seminars, exhibitions and conferences. He received the Medaglia d’oro di Casa Reale (Royal House Gold Medal) for bringing back to life the Scuola della Porcellana (Porcelain School) and Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte; in 2020 he won the prize Ritratti del Territorio, in the Art section, for the preservation and protection of art, particularly of Neapolitan ceramics and porcelain, and in 2021 he also won the Sele d’Oro award, in the section Bona Praxis, for the promotion of territorial excellences.

The code of talent

Awarded to public and private excellent schools of arts and crafts.