Romeo Sozzi

Entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of Promemoria

Promemoria has ancient roots. The story of this Italian company of excellence began in the nineteenth century in a village on the banks of Lake Como, where the Sozzi family ran a workshop that restored and repaired the carriages of the local aristocracy. It was here that the family's skilled craftsmanship developed over the course of four generations and culminated at the end of the century in the creation of Promemoria, a universe of high quality cabinetmaking designed by Romeo Sozzi. Over time the business became more versatile, uniting all the production stages, from research into materials to the study of different finishes. Today the company has become an undisputed benchmark for high quality décor companies and works in collaboration with the best of Italian and European craftsmanship.

The Promemoria sofas, wardrobes, chairs and tables are objects not only to admire but also to caress, savour and listen to as they reverberate with their symphony of wood, glass and wrought metal. Each piece is handcrafted, with many made to order or as limited editions, and each item is strict quality controlled to certify the level of excellence.

Attention to detail is combined with the use of exclusive materials: Italian or exotic woods such as Mediterranean Cypress, Sucupira or Makassar Ebony; precious metals such as bronze, silver and copper; and Murano glass or Italian-made porcelain that are crafted into handles, lampshades or fine crockery.

If the headquarters of Valmadrera pulses with the unique spirit injected into the company by Romeo Sozzi, the presence of the new generation that has for some time been focusing on the different manufacturing phases is equally notable. Working alongside their father, the three brothers Stefano (wood selection and construction), Davide (architect or design) and Paolo (research and management) have steadily gained greater responsibilities. With its historic showroom in Milan, the brand has expanded internationally and is now present in exclusive locations in some of the world's most important cities: Paris, London, Moscow and New York.

In 2015 Bottega Ghianda joined the world of Promemoria.

Enterprise based on the Métiers d’Art

An award to businesses employing artisans and that promote internal or external arts and crafts training programmes