Matteo Parigi Bini

Editor and Founder of Gruppo Editoriale

Gruppo Editoriale is a small independent publishing house based in Prato, which specialises in the world of Italian lifestyle. As well as quarterly glossy magazines such as Firenze Made in Tuscany, Venezia Made in Veneto and Capri the Divine Coast, all dedicated to fashion, art, culture, film and the region, the publishing house has also published the "Firenze su misura" (Florence made to measure) collection. This contains three publications devoted to craftsmanship, boutiques and the Florence's food and wine culture.

In partnership the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, Gruppo Editoriale has also published "Milano su misura" (Milan made to measure); with Fondazione and with the Osservatorio dei Mestieri d’Arte in Florence, "Italia su misura" (Italy made to measure), two pocket-sized paperback shopping guides with carefully chosen content and design, covering the best of Italy's artisanal excellence. Accompanied by unique and evocative illustrations produced by the workshops and shops, these shopping guides aim to spread word of Italy’s superb craftsmanship to a wide audience of enthusiasts, connoisseurs and tourists of all nationalities (the publications are produced in a bilingual Italian/English format).

Gruppo Editoriale has also launched a digital project to promote Italian artistic craftsmanship, which aims to shed new light on Italy’s tradition of craftsmanship and to underline its vitality and its strategic importance from a tourism and economic perspective, as well as to promote the quality craftsmanship at the heart of the best Italian brands, in partnership with OmA and Fondazione Cologni.

The web portal contains a wide list of addresses across Italy and is constantly updated and expanded, offering details on the workshops and shops that continue the heritage and legacy of Italy’s arts and crafts.

Communications for the Métiers d’Art

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