Alido Gerussi

Chairman of the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli

Founded in 1922, the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo is a custodian of the art of mosaics, one of Italy’s most important and historically renowned decorative traditions. A guardian of ancient knowledge but also a mine of new experiences, the School is committed to education, always striving to find a balance between tradition and innovation, between manufacture and culture. In the spacious mosaic and terrazzo workshops, the hammers, blocks and chisels mark the passage of time of an ancient profession. Unblemished over the course of history, in modern times the profession's sensitivity is nurtured by new stimuli from interaction with artists, planners and designers from around the globe.

The pioneers of modern mosaics, mosaic artists from Sequals in the last century established relations with painters and architects, spreading their art across the world and decorating sites such as the Library of Congress in Washington and the Paris Opera House.

On this basis, the School has directed its educational and manufacturing focus to the creation of important and internationally renowned mosaics, studying and applying the techniques of Roman, Byzantine and modern mosaics.

Today, the school aims above all to keep in touch with its own raison d’être, promoting mosaics as a cultural heritage as well as a technical one. The study, research, experimentation and application of the most innovative technologies are the mark of the growth and a more open approach towards modern mosaic art.

The Code of Talent

Awarded to public and private excellent schools of arts and crafts