Diana Bracco

President of the Bracco Foundation 

The Bracco Foundation was established by Diana Bracco to broaden the appeal of Italy's cultural, historical and artistic heritage and to advance the schooling and professional training of young people. The Bracco Foundation represents cultural values, accountability and commitment.


Particular attention is given to women and youths from different walks of life. The main lines of action concerning arts and culture are chosen for having scientific, technological and educational content – for instance diagnostics applied to the study and salvaging of artwork, and the relation between culture and well-being.


For the Cologni Foundation, the Bracco Foundation is a crucial partner for its promotion of excellent learning opportunities in the métiers d'art, and for its support of specialised apprenticeships, cultural events and the travelling exhibition “La regola del talento. Scuole italiane di eccellenza”, which showcases the best Italian craft schools where high craftsmanship is taught.

Institutions for the Métiers d’Art

An award to public and private organisations for particular merit in the protection and promotion of arts and crafts.