Sabra Miroglio

Vice President, Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi

Sabra Miroglio is Vice President of Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi, a charitable organisation based in Turin. An architect who graduated from the Polytechnic, she is the owner of the Miroglio+Lupica studio in Turin. Working in the field of restoration architecture and interior design, over the last ten years, in addition to architectonic redevelopment, the Studio has also come to specialise in contemporary medical interiors. 

As Vice President of Fondazione Gilardi, she has endeavoured to support the most deserving talents throughout their education and initiation into the working world. Her aim is to promote training for young people from deprived backgrounds, and to help ensure excellence is fostered in Italy. Since 2014 she has been a member of Assifero (the Italian Association of Foundations and Organisations for Institutional Philanthropy) and has sat on the National Board since 2017. 

In its first ten years, Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi has paid out more than 200 scholarships and sustained over 30 special projects, for a total upwards of 600,000 Euro. Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi awards three different types of scholarship: university grants, internships in the metiers d’art and scholarships in the artistic field. 

The “Ateneo” project supports scientific research, humanistic disciplines and legal and international studies. It allows young university students to complete their academic courses and gain the best possible preparation for entering the working world. 

With “InScena”, the Foundation supports young people in the performing arts: musicians, actors and circus artists are consequently able to specialise in their own artistic disciplines.

Mësté, a project conceived in 2020, features the projects of young people who have already acquired skills in traditional Italian crafts, allowing them to hone their skills in a top-flight Italian atelier.

Each year, Fondazione Gilardi also works with Fondazione Cologni to award three scholarships to help train up young apprentices in the fine crafts and allow them get a foothold in the working world. The project, named “Una Scuola, un Lavoro. Percorsi di Eccellenza” (A School, A Job. Pathways to Excellence) offers young people a 6-month apprenticeship in an atelier under the watchful eye of a top artisan. Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi has actively supported this project since 2015: since then it has “adopted” 13 particularly deserving youngsters, covering the costs of their atelier training in a variety of fields: theatre costume-making, footwear modelling, restoration, violin-making, jewellery-making, bronze crafting, wig-making, artistic metalwork and cabinetmaking.

Institutions for the metiers d’art

She has been presented the MAM Award for Supporters of the Metiers d’Art in the section entitled “Institutions for the metiers d’art” for the considerable and commendable work undertaken by Fondazione Cecilia Gilardi to offer training for the fine crafts, and for the tangible support it gives in helping talented young people break into the world of savoir faire, helping them to become the masters of tomorrow whilst ensuring the flag of Italian excellences flies high worldwide.