Franz Botré


Editor and Director of a number of publications which are edited by his publishing house, Symbol.

He lives and works in Milan. Fascinated by typography from a very young age, he went on to become a printer, lithographer, photolithographer, graphic designer and then, in 1980, editor of monthly magazine Gente Viaggi, before being appointed its Art Director. He worked on the design and graphic layout of many Italian magazines, first with Rusconi then with Rizzoli and Class Editori, where he held the post of Deputy Director of monthly magazine Class. He conceived and directed Gentleman, and became the central Art Director of the editorial group.

In 2001 he left the Class Group to set up Swan Group (now Symbol), his independent publishing house dedicated to high-end lifestyle. A devotee of all things beautiful and a refined gourmet, he is also a connoisseur of fashion, elegance and in particular passions of the male sphere. His editorial style is one of exclusive refinement, and it is aimed at an audience of enthusiasts of well-made, beautiful objects, of Italian-made products and Italian style.

His friendly collaboration with Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, alongside publications of the likes of Arbiter, Orologi, Spirito diVino and Protagonist, house organ of the Ferretti Group dedicated to sailing and distributed to boatowners worldwide, led to him publishing the Mestieri d’Arte & Design magazine for more than a decade. Issued with Arbiter on a six-monthly basis, it revolved around fine Italian and international craftsmanship, and its greatest exponents. 

It is fair to say that Italian knowhow has long been one of the many passions and interests of Franz Botré. His painstakingly produced, beautiful publications have always feted this savoir-faire with an independent approach and an identifiable personality worthy of a real “publishing craftsman”, as he likes to call himself. 

Communication for the metiers d’art

He has been presented the MAM Award for Supporters of the Metiers d’Art in the “Communication for the metiers d’art” section for his tireless dedication as a publisher and communicator championing all things Italian, and fine Italian manufacturing and craftsmanship. He is also being presented the award for the frontline approach he has always adopted to ensure our legacy of knowhow is recognised and its profile raised, regardless of the field. He pays particular attention to the metiers of fashion, food and wine, mechanics and beautiful, well-made goods in general that represent Italy and are admired the world over.